Health Benefits

Ayurveda – the Indian Vedic Text of medicine written in the 1st century mentions the use of this versatile spice “Ela”, what we call today as Cardamom, as a cure for many diseases. The immense power of Indian cardamom to detoxify our body from the effects of many types of mucous forming food is just one of its attractions. Regular use of cardamom removes the accumulated toxins and enhances blood circulation. Studies show that Cineole and Terpenyl acetate – two major constituents in Indian Natural Green Cardamom have very high therapeutic values.

Cineole is known to have anesthetic, anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, anti-bronchitic and antiseptic properties while Terpenyl Acetate makes Indian Cardamom appealing to the taste buds. Further, the high amount of total phenolics increases its free radical scavenging activity making it a useful detoxifying agent. The higher flavonoids in Indian Cardamoms also act as cardiac stimulants & diuretic antioxidants. An analysis of phenolics and flavonoids in Indian Cardamom published in August 1998 in Journal of the Association of Physicians in India rated the antioxidant properties of cardamom at medium levels of 50mg-100mg per serving.

Indian Cardamom is high in proteins and vital vitamins like riboflavin, niacin, vitamin A, B and C and also an excellent source of minerals. Indian Cardamom improves appetite and is also a powerful carminative and digestive – making it a perfect mouth freshener that eliminates bad breath. Simultaneously, cardamom seeds are the basis of medicinal preparations for indigestion and flatulence relieving gas and heartburn and improve the process of metabolism in our stomach. Cardamom is also beneficial in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions and helps increase the secretion and discharge of urine. Many herbalists even say that cardamom with little honey improves eyesight.

Mothers always knew this. Try a cup of hot cardamom tea when you have a headache or a respiratory tract infection such as cold & cough. You would simply find it rejuvenating and refreshing. Gargling with a blend of cardamom and cinnamon effectively cures a sore throat and hoarseness during the infective stage of influenza. Make Emperor Akbar Indian Natural Green Cardamoms a part of your daily diet. Start shopping for Emperor Akbar Cardamoms today!

There’s more.. The Spices Board had entrusted a project with the National Institute of Inter Disciplinary Science and Technology (formerly known as RRL, Trivandrum) on medicinal and Health aspects of Cardamom.

Major findings of the study are

  1. Among the four varieties of Cardamom studied (Malabar, Mysore, Vazhukka & Guatemala) higher seed ratio of the Malabar variety is of great commercial significance.
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  2. All the Indian varieties have significantly higher amounts of Terpenyl acetate, the highest being in the Malabar & Vazhukka variety. Terpenyl acetate is responsible for the flowery smell of Cardamom & higher percentages of this constituent are desirable. This component has shown greater penetration enhancer for the diffusion of peredniosolone(prednisolone) through mouse skin in vitriol.
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  3. The Linalool content in Guatemalan Cardamom is significantly higher. Linalool is reported to have several adverse toxicological properties and reported in inducing acute oral toxicity, Dermal toxicity and inhalation toxicity.
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  4. The two Indian varieties namely, Malabar (0.213%) and Vazhukka (0.21%) have the highest amount of Phenolics, which translates into the highest reducing power and higher free radical scavenging activity.
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  5. Malabar variety has recorded higher antioxidant activity and could be positively considered with its total phenolic and flavonoid content in its seeds and seed extracts.
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  6. Malabar variety has recorded higher antioxidant activity and could be positively considered with its total phenolic and flavonoid content in its seeds and seed extracts.
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  7. The high anti-oxidant properties of Malabar cardamom particularly of the ethyl acetate fraction is important for its scientific and medicinal benefits