A New Beginning with the Best Packaging

emperior-akbarWishing you all Ramadan Kareem and best wishes for the holy month.

The new crop of Cardamoms has started arriving in good quantity. The bold grades constitute about 5%-7% but this will increase as the season progresses. There has been above normal rainfalls in the month of June so far and that is good for the crop overall. On the negative side, these rains were accompanied by heavy wind speed which affected some of the plants. These areas will not give as high yields as earlier hoped for. While the extent of damage is still not very clear we hope that the damage to the plants and the replanting will take 3-4 years for production again.

There is expected to be a gap of about 2 weeks before the second round of picking starts. There is also good all round buying from all exporters as well as domestic traders. The festival demand in July will also lend good support to the prices and this is expected to push the markets upwards by $1 per kilo in the short run. We continue to believe that this year we will see good all round exports and the prices should fluctuate in a small band this year.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Aroma Lock Packs for the queen of the aromatic spices. These packs not only retain the color of cardamom for a longer time when stored in cool & dry area away from sunlight but also maintain the aroma as good as fresh. Currently, these packs are offered in the purple grade only but will be rolled out in other grades shortly. This is a much awaited improvement in the packaging technology which finally brings the natural freshness of cardamom to your doorsteps.

We advise buyers to cover their requirements for the month of Ramadan in small quantities.

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