Gajar ka Halwa – Classic Indian dessert

Indian sweet dishes are rich, creamy and to die for! Gajar or carrot is the key ingredient of a famed classic Indian dessert called Gajar ka Halwa. This dessert will steal your heart with its deliciousness! We mean sweetened carrots with milk and cream and cardamom! It’s a melee of flavours that compliment each other really well. Before you know it you’ll be moaning and licking the plate. What more! The recipe is not even difficult! It can be seen as a part of the menu in various occasions and festivals all throughout the year in cultures like India.

Check out the step by step recipe and get hang of successful and sinful Gajar Halwa recipe:

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 45 minutes
Serves: 5 people

2-3 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons ghee
1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder
2 cups grated carrot
3/4 cups milk
2 cloves
3 tablespoons condensed milk
Raisins, almonds, cashew nuts and saffron – for garnishing
Step 1
The first step is to grate the carrots. Yes, the ingredients include grated carrots, but to specify, that they need to be fine strands. The carrots can be grated in any way you find convenient.

Step 2
It’s time to take it to the gas! Heat the ghee or clarified butter in a kadhai or heavy bottomed vessels. Add the grated carrots to it and sauté. Keep the flame low, because you don’t want to burn those carrots. Keep Stirring it continuously.

Step 3
Add milk to the sautéed carrots. Cook this mixture till the milk starts foaming and has become reduced. While stirring make sure you scrape it off the sides and mix the evaporated milk solids.

Step 4
Add sugar and continue cooking. Also, add the cloves with their tops removed. As you stir the mixture, keep taking it off the sides of the utensil you are using, so that it doesn’t stick and burn.

Step 5
Next add the cardamom powder. This will add the aroma and flavour that will take you off the senses!

Step 6
Keep cooking on a low flame. By cooking, we mean you have to keep moving it around, not allowing it to stick to the sides for too long.

Step 7
Once the Halwa has attained a pudding like consistency and has started giving off an aroma, you can pat yourself on the back for you’re almost done. Take it off the flame and garnish with saffron, roasted almonds and cashewnuts.

Take the dish and serve generous helpings, for once they have a taste, people are bound to keep wanting more and more! This simple dish will help you win the hearts of people you are trying to impress or help you lift someone’s mood or it can even serve as comfort food for yourself! Gajar ka Halwa, with cardamom seasoning is pudding like no other.

Tips to follow
The things you have to look out for are the dangers of scalding. If you keep mixing it well all the time, you should be safe. But if you let the mixture just sit there for longer than a few minutes, the carrots at the bottom and sides will begin to burn.

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