Cardamom Lassi

Cardamom Lassi – A Yoghurt Drink

Lassi is a refreshing yogurt based drink that is consumed quite commonly in India, especially in the Punjab region. It’s easy to make, healthy as well as tasty! Though people are often sceptical about it, once they have had a taste, they keep coming back for more! Various seasonings are added to it to give it a variety of flavours. Since summers are already knocking at the door, there is nothing much healthier to cool down the body than a glass of fresh Lassi!

Along with this, a lot of restaurants and chefs have also started adding fruit to it, to enhance its taste and experiment with new ideas. Elaichi Lassi or Cardamom Lassi is one of the successful experiments with a mind-blowing taste! It is an easy to make drink, that children love to have and mothers love to make since it requires minimum efforts on their part.
Preparation time: 1-2 minutes
Cooking time: 0 minute
Serves: 4



  1. 1 cup of milk, full fat
  2. 2 cups of dahi or full fat yogurt
  3. 8 teaspoons of sugar, preferably powdered
  4. 2 teaspoons of elaichi or green cardamom powder
  5. ice-cubes for serving



Making a Lassi is as easy as mixing everything together and pouring it in a glass. Therefore it’s the way you present it that sets your drink apart. You can garnish it well or serve it unique glasses.


Step 1

Take the milk, yogurt and the sugar all together in a blender. Now, some people don’t like their Lassi too rich and creamy. If that is the case you may add some water to dilute the taste.


Step 2

Blend this mixture together till the sugar, yogurt and milk are all well combined. The drink will have a rich texture and will be pure white and frothy. Then add the cardamom powder and blend it a little more.


Step 3

The lassi is ready to be served! Just pour it in 4 glasses and garnish some cardamom powder and chopped dry fruits if you want. This is the recipe for a sweet Elaichi Lassi.


A Twist in the Tale

If you wish for a more salty taste you may add salt to it along with the powdered sugar. Though this is a little unconventional, it suits some people’s taste patterns far better.

Lassi is primarily a Punjabi drink and cardamom is a spice that is used quite often in Punjabi dishes. As a spice cardamom’s flavours are used not just for savoury dishes but also for desserts. Its ambiguous talents are quite impressive that way. Lassi can be drunk at any point of time in the day. Whether it is after a hot walk in the sun, or an afternoon nap or with a heavy dinner or an evening snack in the summers when the heat makes you wish for something cool to drink. Try it out today!

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