Blue- Natural Green Cardamoms

Emperor Akbar Cardamoms are graded based on the size of the diameter of the pod. This is a generally accepted norm of cardamom grading.Emperor Akbar Cardamoms have multiple uses. They can be used in the form of seeds, husks, powder or for extracting its oil.

However, not all buyers give equal importance to the size of the pod. They have other uses and so other parameters such as seed content, oil content, etc. are important for such buyers. Our team understands that.

Therefore, we can customize Emperor Akbar Green Cardamom to such specific requirements.

We can offer

  1. Single Cardamom Seeds
  2. Clustered Cardamom Seeds
  3. Cardamom Husk
  4. Cardamom Powder
  5. Pale Cardamoms of different grades such as Yellow Grades / Tip Open Grades / Sick Grades

We can also offer Organic Cardamom to the discerning customers.

These are customized grades which are not commonly available in the markets. Hence, these are specially packed in Emperor Akbar Blue Packs of 5 Kgs.