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Cardamom is not just the 'Queen of Spices',
it's the legend of royalty.
World's finest cardamom at your doorstep
with just one click.
With its extraordinary health benefits, cardamom not
only savors delicacies but also nourishes your body.
Order the elegant flavour of our best
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Indian Cardamoms satisfy the two main purpose of food – taste & health. The floral and fruity aroma appeals to the taste buds of the most discerning connoisseur even as the penetrating odour of cineole works as an anti allergic and antiseptic. Undeniably - a perfect gift from Nature to mankind. No wonder, that this Queen of Spices found its way in the most Grandiose and Majestic of Kitchens of the Royalty. Emperor Akbar Natural Green Cardamoms brings you the finest Indian Green Cardamoms – Live Royally, the Natural & Healthy Way.